New Member Of NITECORE Camp Light Series-LR40 Officially Released -

2022-11-14 01:20:45 By : Mr. Kevin zhou

Don’t let the sunset stop you from enjoying the evening in the outdoors, but welcome them with a flashlight of unique vintage style. Like with the new Nitecore LR40! Either you are fond of the memories when you went camping with your friends or family, and remember the camping lanterns you used back in the day, or you just want to bring an unique atmosphere, the NITECORE LR40 is the most correct choice.

The LR40 is a multifunctional USB Type-C rechargeable camping lantern, with a max output of 100 lumens. And has 3 light sources available. Spacing from warm white light (2 modes available), cool white, and red light SOS. Tungsten Carbide Tooling

New Member Of NITECORE Camp Light Series-LR40 Officially Released -

The regular white lights can be adjusted to your needs thanks to a knob allowing stepless brightness adjustments. So you will always have the right light, with the right output for your adventure! With the 360 degrees output of the warm light (thanks to the tungsten filament like LEDs), the Nitecore LR40 will brighten up all around you and your friends. Generating a warm and cozy atmosphere for unforgettable moments.

Thanks to the built in lithium ion battery, with a huge capacity or 4000mAh, there is plenty of runtime for your nights, and the practicality of the USB C charging port. It can also be charged in 4 hours.

And With 65 hours of Max runtime, the LR40 will be with you for 8 nights. With the built in power indicator, you will always know the remaining battery level (1 blue led = 25%, 2 blue LEDs = 50%, 3 blue LEDs =75%, 4 blue LEDs= 100%). You can also use the charge of the battery to recharge your device thanks to the ability of the LR40 to work as a powerbank with its USB A port.

The LR40 is sturdy with a plastic ABS housing (light, sturdy and reliable) and a stable metal base. So it can be handheld, placed on surfaces or hanged thanks to the convex handle. To fit your preference, the LR40 is available in 2 colours: white and army green. The Nitecore LR40 also resembles a regular lantern with its size and weight. With 117 mm in height, 96 mm of diameter and a weight of 222 grams (without the handle).

Like a old fashioned regular gas lantern, the Nitecore LR40 has a super simple interface. Long press the knob for 2 seconds to turn the LR40 on at warm light, press it again for 2 seconds to turn it off. When the LR40 is on, a short press will change the light source. From warm light to white light to warm white light to red SOS. At any moment you can rotate the knob to adjust the brightness in a stepless way, preserving the atmosphere.

Let the LR40 accompany you through your outdoor evenings and nights! For more information you can visit their official website.

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New Member Of NITECORE Camp Light Series-LR40 Officially Released -

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