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2021-12-14 08:10:54 By : Ms. cindy lin

Wrap it with layers of Cointreau brioche, pipe mashed potatoes, candied bacon and pig wrapped in a blanket to make a chic Christmas dessert

Fans of "Friends" may remember that Rachel mistakenly made a Thanksgiving dessert after the recipe page was glued together. This is a traditional trifle, partly shepherd's pie.

This Christmas themed dessert is no accident. The meat master at The Jolly Hog used blankets to make high-quality pigs, creating the first Christmas dinner muffin ever in the UK.

This dish is very suitable for curious diners who like to change the usual festive food. Tucked into this piece of cake, you will find moist sweet brioche soaked in Cointreau-flavored cranberry sauce, The Jolly Hog's succulent blanket pig, smooth mashed potatoes and a string of shredded candied bacon and pea sprouts.

In the world's first restaurant specializing in bacon-wrapped sausages, this side dish is just one of the dishes.

The team put the humble pig in a blanket and was promoted to the star of the show in a series of dishes prepared by the talented chef of Pigsty Restaurant.

The limited edition menu is full of meaty taste, traditional appetizers, main dishes and even cocktails are given meaty taste.

PIB cocktails are based on classic prawn and Thousand Island dishes, while meat-filled PIB pie can be traced back to its traditional medieval roots.

Cheese is always popular at Christmas. If you like melted cheese, then festive hot pot is your best choice. Wrap the pigs in a blanket and pass the grilled camembert to give them a smoky and cheesy flavor.

If little things are not your thing, you can try PIBfiteroles bursting with bacon-flavored cream. If you dig a donut, put your hand on top of the warm candy bacon Hognuts with a piggy blanket on it.

Of course, you need something to wash off all these foods. Holiday drinks on the menu include Bucks PIBzz, a pig in a blanket, inspired by Bucks Fizz.

Olly Kohn from The Jolly Hog said: “We are very happy to hear how our customers love the pigs in our blankets. We think these pork snacks deserve their due attention when Christmas comes.

"Such delicious things should not be placed next to a plate of turkey and bean sprouts.

"In addition to filling the PIB, our chef also makes sure that every dish on the menu is as delicious as our sausage, because our customers are used to getting the best!"

The Christmas Dinner Trifle was created by the team of The Jolly Hog, they must know how to think outside the box.

This avant-garde independent company run by the three Bristol brothers is also an award-winning business. This year, with its products purchased by Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Co-op and Ocado, it won 12 Great Taste Award stars. .

From December 3 to 5, 2021, Pigsty Restaurant will offer an exclusive pig blanket menu.

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