Durga Puja Food - Doi maachh, peas and prawn pulao, pineapple chutney and more: Vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes for Saptami of Durga Puja - Telegraph India

2022-10-01 22:51:35 By : Mr. Shangguo Ma

After the culinary delights of Sashthi, on Saptami, the second day of the puja, strike a balance between the traditional and the exotic with some chingri, chicken, chutney and more. Here are recipes for five delightful dishes to make on this day. Let the cookathon begin!

This easy recipe can be made niramish (non-vegetarian) or amish (vegetarian), and the twist is, it looks like fried rice, but tastes like a pulao!

These tangy tomato pockets with fillings ranging from soya and mutton to chicken keema to fish makes it too irresistible to not add to the Puja menu.

This tok-jhal chicken curry, with a hint of aam-ada and some kasuri methi, offers an aroma and aftertaste you can’t forget (or make just once).

Durga Puja celebration without some maachh? Impossible! Make this Doi Maachh that tastes like you get in a biye bari, but is actually quite low on tel-jhal-masala.

Will there be something sweet to end the meal? Of course, there will be, and that too in under 30-minutes!

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