• Tinned food - healthy enough? - BBC News

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    By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online

    Retailers are warning that a no-deal Brexit could lead to temporary food shortages, and some people have begun stockpiling tins of food in preparation for just such a scenario.

    The government says food supplies will be secure whe

  • Companion planting: Creating some variation to your gardens | News, Sports, Jobs - Marietta Times

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    Current research-based evidence supports the historic gardening practice of companion planting. It was practiced in North America by the Five Nations Native People in a system called the “Three Sisters.” Corn, beans and winter squash were planted together. The corn provides supp

  • What plant-right-now veggie grows quickly, loves heat and needs little care? Try Southern peas | Home/Garden | nola.com

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    Black-eyed peas ready for cooking.

    When the pods turn a rich purple, purple hull peas are ready to harvest.

    Black-eyed peas ready for cooking.

    When the pods turn a rich purple, purple hull peas are ready to harvest.

    Many of the vegetables we planted back in March and Ap

  • GFI finalizes new pea-splitting facility | Pet Food Processing

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    TORONTO — Global Food Ingredients Ltd. (GFI) detailed on June 29 that its new pea-splitting facility has finished construction. The state-of-the-art facility is part of the company’s plant-based ingredient complex in Zealandia, Saskatchewan.

    The new f

  • Full Guide to the 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival - WDW News Today

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    The 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival is underway and we’ve compiled a full guide to everything you need to know to plan your visit. From reviews of every menu item at every global marketplace to all the merchandise and activities, you can find it all right here.


  • UNSUNG HERO: Tom and Shari Sadowski |Unsung Hero |wsiltv.com

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    UNION COUNTY, IL (WSIL) -- This week's unsung hero's are the volunteers at Union County Gardens.

    Giving up their own time to help people in the community have access to fresh produce is something Tom and Shari Sadowski have been doing for years.

    Sometimes a green thumb is just in t

  • Take a healthy snack break | Health & Food | fairfaxtimes.com

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    Clear skies. Low 71F. Winds light and variable..

    Clear skies. Low 71F. Winds light and variable.

    If you eat proper meals that each contain a lean protein, fiber from vegetables, and a small amount of healthy fat, you should stay satiated for hours.

  • Foods to do mixed martial arts (MMA) on keto

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    Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a sport that demands a lot of exertion from your body. It’s a sport that’s heavy on energy, particularly for people who are on a ketogenic (keto) diet. This is because, when you’re on a keto diet, the only source of energy that your body can efficiently use is

  • 12 Best Low-Carb Vegetables - High-Fiber Vegetables Low in Carbs

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    We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Why trust us?

    Plus, they’re all high in fiber.

    Whether you follow a keto diet, a low-carb diet for weight loss, or just feel better cutting down on carbs (though we

  • Sowing seeds for fall and winter

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    The middle of summer never feels like the right time to start thinking about fall crops, but it is. As you clear beds of the residues of early crops, rake the soil out evenly and refresh the bed with a generous scattering of humic acid granules and several inches of compost. Water each plot we