'I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with items I bought from Poundland and had the saddest meal ever' - Amber-Louise Large - MyLondon

2022-07-16 01:43:31 By : Mr. Mike Lin

Would you do a grocery shop in Poundland?

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If I'm shopping in Poundland I'm usually looking for cheap household supplies, random objects or sweets. I'm never in there to do my weekly grocery shop.

I don't even think the bargain store does 'groceries', not really . I've never walked into a Poundland and picked up a fresh punnet of fruit or grabbed some protein to go with my dinner. Then I noticed a meal deal in the shop.

It got me thinking: can you get breakfast, lunch and dinner from Poundland? Now, I regret the thought ever having crossed my mind: the whole thing almost ended in tears and certainly ended in disgust.

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I figured breakfast was going to be easy and I actually got more than I had bargained for when I found a NOMADIC yoghurt and oat clusters with raspberry pot. It wasn't quite an 'overnight oats' pot from Pret but then again it didn't cost an obscene amount of money. This was a great breakfast on the go for a morning in the office.

I couldn't believe it when I found a meal deal section in Leytonstone's Poundland. There were sandwiches, pasta salads and wraps but no particularly exciting mains options... there was a lot of chicken. The mayo in the chicken and stuffing sandwich I chose was far too tangy and the chicken was chewy; the bread stuck to the roof of my mouth and the stuffing was mushy like paste.

The snacks on the other hand had me feeling like I was back in primary school: a lunchable ? A little selection of cheese, crackers AND mini Oreos? What a treat. Sure, Dairylea cheese tastes like plastic but I was not expecting organic cheddar from Poundland. I loved this snack and it was nice to not have to choose between savoury and sweet.

The whole day was leading up to this, Poundland's final test. Yet I had already been dreading the meal from the moment I'd purchased the components. EVERYTHING was canned.

I could have bought some frozen food but it would have defrosted by the time I got home so the only supper-like food left was in the tinned aisle. Never in my life have I seen a tinned pie - until now.

Apparently Fray Bentos is an iconic British brand but I'm sorry this pie was absolutely tragic. I cooked it for five minutes longer than suggested and the pastry was still doughy and floppy like a wet piece of cardboard.

The 'just chicken' filling was more like 'just gravy' because for the life of me I couldn't find a piece of meat larger than my pinkie finger nail in there (and I dug around in that gravy-cardboard soup for a while).

The Harry Ramsden peas were no better in terms of texture. When I first tipped them out of the tin I had to check I hadn't accidentally bought mushy peas. Once microwaved, the bland greens disintegrated to slush at first bite; despite the disturbing bright green colour of the liquid drained from the peas they had no strong mint flavour as advertised.

A dinner disaster. Just sadness in every bite and every poke of the fork. There was no redemption, not even the price, to be found. I could easily make myself a better quality one-person meal for £2.25 and it wouldn't be nearly so, well, gross .

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